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Know our plan to protect guests and staff.

Covid-19 health and safety policies.

Socially distant travel: safe vacations during COVID-19

As noted by various experts, no matter your destination, your risk of infection largely depends on factors such as whether you’ll encounter other people, the intensity of such encounters, and if the location is experiencing high rates of infection.


Some destinations are safer than others. “A first step for travelers to reduce risks is to avoid destinations that have yet to flatten or reduce the Covid-19 curve, as well as to avoid popular tourism attractions where it will be harder to maintain a safe social distance,” says Kwortnik.

limited capacity, which means that the density of guests will be lower.)

oing everything possible to protect the health and safety of their patrons, that responsibility needs to be one shared with guests. “With the coronavirus pandemic still a serious threat, travelers have to take responsibility for their own health and safety, too,” says Kwortnik.

Guests at hotels and resorts tend to come from different locations around the country; some of these individuals may be asymptomatic carriers. This means you’ll want to strictly adhere to all the guidelines outlined both by the property and by public health officials. Earlier this week, as part of its updated Resources for Travelers, the CDC issued a series of practical tips to help consumers assess a hotel’s prevention practices

For example, you will want to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing whenever outside your guest room. To feel more confident, you may want to bring your own disinfecting wipes to make sure high-touch surfaces in your room (like doorknobs, light switches, sink handles and remote controls) are virus-free.

Forest bathing in Costa Rica


We all know that getting out in nature and breathing in the scent of fresh air is good for us, and yet so many of us put off this vital activity in favour of work or screen time. This is where forest bathing steps in to offer us an alternative, immersive experience that helps us unwind from the stresses of daily life while reconnecting with nature.

If you experience feelings of stress, anxiety or being overwhelmed, consider trying forest bathing. Forest bathing can be as simple as taking 10 minutes out of your day to focus on nothing other than nature or can be a fully immersive 2-3-hour experience which allows you to totally switch off from urban life and discover the magic of the natural world. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your mood improves and how much easier it is to focus on simplicity and gratitude when you’re not distracted by the buzz of daily life.


Forest bathing, also known as The Japanese Art Of Shinrin Yoku, is essentially dedicating time spent outdoors in a calm, forest environment to help connect with both nature and yourself through the use of your five senses. Forest bathing is a therapeutic, immersive, wellbeing activity that aims to bring peace and connection while also having long-term benefits for your mental and physical health.


Costa Rica accounts for only 0.03 percent of the earth’s surface (has only 51.100km2). However it contains nearly 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity. Its natural wealth, both in species and ecosystems, is partly explained by its geographical position.

The geographical position, surrounded by its two coasts with a mountainous system, provides numerous and varied microclimates that give rise to this natural wealth, both in species and in ecosystems. About 500,000 species inhabit this small territory and represent about 4% of the total estimated species worldwide.

So, can you image how spectacular could be practice a forest bathing walk while you visiting Costa Rica? An amazing experience!

Prepare your senses!


Rather than simply taking a walk in the woods, forest bathing is about having a deeper sensory experience through mindfulness and meditation techniques. While anyone can easily try forest bathing themselves, it can be beneficial to join a dedicated group activity the first time you try it so that you can fully immerse yourself in the practice, receiving professional guidance along the way. This will allow you to learn the best techniques to quiet the chatter in your mind and to open your senses in a new way which will allow you to experience the forest on a deeper level.

Forest bathing is not about how far you walk or how much you learn (intellectually) about the forest, but rather about the connection you have to nature and the peace and stillness you can find in the moment.

If you do want to try forest bathing yourself, take yourself off into the woods, finding a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. The key is to go slow. Rather than covering a great distance, focus on a small section of forest, taking time to feel, see and experience each element of nature, stopping regularly to simply sit and take it all in.

Instead of thinking about how beautiful things are, try to go one step further and feel the beauty of light, textures and sensations. This is best experienced when you try to use all of your senses; spending time looking around, breathing in the scent of the forest and listening out for sounds of birds and wildlife as well as the delicate noises of leaves falling or twigs underfoot. If you feel comfortable, consider taking off your shoes; feeling the moisture and texture of soil beneath your feet, or touching and hugging leaves, trees and branches.


woman walking in the forest for health benefits

Forest bathing is thought to have many health benefits including:

  • Lowering cortisol levels, blood pressure and heart rate
  •  Boosting our immune systems.
  • Increases parasympathetic nerve activity, the signifier of a relaxed biological system and a general sense of calm.

All the world need ‘green care’ to support those suffering from mental ill-health after Covid-19. Not only do forest bathing and other green experiences allow you to reap the benefits of being out in nature, but it also allows you to improve your mindfulness techniques which will come in handy even when sitting at your desk!

Let’s start virtual rainforest sound bath!

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Conozca los beneficios de la adrenalina para su salud


Posiblemente, más de una vez te hayas preguntado cuál es el proceso químico o físico que se produce en tu cuerpo en situaciones de alerta o emergencia. Los síntomas son fácilmente identificables: notas cómo tus músculos se tensan, tu corazón empieza a latir más rápido, el vello se pone de punta y comienzas a respirar de forma entrecortada. Estas sensaciones son causadas por los efectos de la adrenalina, una hormona segregada por tu propio cuerpo que te prepara para situaciones de alerta. A continuación te contamos más acerca de su funcionamiento.

¿Qué es la adrenalina?

Las emociones que sentimos en nuestro día a día tienen un componente biológico. En efecto, ante los estímulos externos o los acontecimientos que nos rodean, nuestro organismo segrega hormonas que provocan distintas reacciones que expresamos como una emoción. Entre estas hormonas se encuentra la famosa adrenalina.
La adrenalina, llamada epinefrina en su forma sintética, es una hormona neurotransmisora que pertenece al grupo de las catecolaminas, junto con la dopamina y la noradrenalina. La adrenalina es segregada por las glándulas suprarrenales ante situaciones de peligro o alerta. Por ello puede decirse que es la hormona de la acción.
Entre las situaciones cotidianas que nos hacen segregar adrenalina, se encuentran momentos de acción como la práctica de deporte, especialmente si se trata de deportes de riesgo, o momentos de alerta como los que se dan en una situación de ataque o cuando nos tenemos que mantener despiertos para hacer un esfuerzo extra en el trabajo o los estudios.
La adrenalina es también la responsable de la forma de reaccionar del cuerpo ante momentos inolvidables, como cuando sentimos esas «mariposas» en el estómago al ver a la persona de la que estamos enamorados. En efecto, ese aceleramiento es causado por la secreción de esta hormona.

¿Cómo actúa la adrenalina en nuestro cuerpo?

– El corazón bombea más sangre a todo el cuerpo, debido al aumento del ritmo cardíaco.
– Se dilatan las pupilas, una respuesta natural para tener mejor visión en situaciones de alerta.
– Aumenta la glucosa en la sangre de los músculos y el hígado, para que el cuerpo produzca más energía.
– Con alta concentración de adrenalina, la presión arterial aumenta, y en cantidades bajas, disminuye.
Cuando la adrenalina estimula el cerebro se segrega dopamina, conocida como la hormona del bienestar. Esta es la razón principal por la cual muchas personas encuentran adictivo el hecho de liberar adrenalina, necesitando constantemente emociones fuertes.

¿Sabías que segregar adrenalina es beneficioso para tu salud?

Como ves, la descarga de adrenalina se da en múltiples situaciones de la vida cotidiana y provoca grandes efectos en nuestro organismo. Siempre que estas situaciones de miedo y riesgo estén bajo control y se desarrollen de forma segura, podemos obtener grandes beneficios de la adrenalina.
En cuanto a sus efectos beneficiosos a nivel físico, hay que decir que la mayor parte de las situaciones en las que se libera adrenalina están ligadas a la práctica de ejercicio, por ejemplo una actividad deportiva. Aunque también hay otras actividades como las cabalgatas o actividades de Eco aventura que te aportarían ese «subidón» tan característico. Todos los deportes tienen en común los grandes beneficios que producen a nivel físico, por lo cual, al buscar la sensación que te da la adrenalina te beneficiarás también de las ventajas de la actividad física.
Es a nivel psicológico donde la secreción de adrenalina nos aporta más beneficios, debido a que está ligada a nuestro sistema sensorial. Como todos sabemos, no hay nada como experimentar ese «subidón» de adrenalina para sentirnos vivos y mantener el espíritu joven. Al aportarnos esa sensación de bienestar y energía se produce un aumento de la felicidad a nivel general. Por ello se suele decir que la adrenalina es una droga natural, produciendo adicción.
Asimismo, al transmitir sensaciones que se salen de lo común, mucha gente busca constantemente la oportunidad de volver a sentir esa subida de energía, lo cual lleva a la búsqueda de nuevas experiencias y lugares que nos hagan sentir esa sensación. Por supuesto, siempre teniendo en cuenta la seguridad y no tomar riesgos que comporten un peligro real. Esta búsqueda de experiencias te llevará a conocer nuevos lugares, nuevas personas con las que compartir tus sensaciones y te mantendrá activo, en definitiva, ¡te hará sentir vivo!
Como puedes ver, la secreción de adrenalina es absolutamente necesaria para nuestra salud y felicidad, ya que es la responsable de las sensaciones causadas por esas experiencias inolvidables. Por ello, es aconsejable salir periódicamente de la rutina y buscar mediante actividades esa dosis de adrenalina.

¿Cómo podemos disfrutar de nuestra dosis de adrenalina?

Entre las formas más divertidas de disfrutar de los beneficios de la adrenalina, se encuentran los deportes extremos. Muchas de estas actividades se practican además en plena naturaleza. Entre ellas, algunas de las más divertidas y que podrás explorar Durante tu visita a Montaña de Fuego Mountain Resort&Spa son el canopy, rappel, tubing o aventurarte en un tour de ATV disfrutando los incurables paisajes del Volcán Arenal.
Además de la práctica deportiva, existen otras formas de buscar alguna emoción que nos haga escapar de la rutina. Así, es evidente la relación entre un parque de atracciones y la adrenalina. Se trata de una experiencia especial que nos invita a salir de la rutina y a experimentar sensaciones que no son comunes en el día a día. Es decir, mediante las atracciones podemos experimentar esa energía, siempre de forma segura. Si tú también quieres sentirlo, en Montaña de Fuego Mountain Resort&Sp tendrás esa oportunidad descubriendo sus atracciones más buscadas.
Sin lugar a dudas, una visita a Montaña de Fuego Mountain Resort&Sp es una experiencia inolvidable para toda la familia, con un sinfín de actividades y momentos que te dejarán sin aliento y te ofrecerán esas sensaciones únicas que te hacen sentir vivo. ¡Bienvenido, el subidón de adrenalina en Montaña de Fuego Mountain Resort&Spa te está esperando!


Disfruta nuestros increíbles paquetes que te incluyen todo lo que necesitas para sentir adrenalina y relajarte con un mismo paquete.

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Wellness in Costa Rica


Wellness is, by nature, a journey; a multi-chapter story; a lifelong physical, mental and spiritual seeking; a personal and emotional quest.

Simply say “Costa Rica” and vivid images of paradise instantly flood the imagination. Our wellness services let you connect with the country’s charming people. Your spirits will be lifted with a visit to the indigenous Maleku village, a Montaña de Fuego Mountain Resort&Spa project supporting indigenous native people, where you can learn about Maleku’s tribe cosmovision, experience an ancestral dance, walk and learn about medicinal plants and active your creativity painting your own handcraft. After an amazing experience, you will enjoy a regenerative massage with volcanic mud & stones and

Here you’ll be treated to a world of wellness, with yoga sessions, healthy food and beverage overlooking the Arenal Volcano, hiking, free time for meditation, and rejuvenating thermal hot springs with outdoor volcanic mud baths ritual that will give your mind a sense of clarity you may have previously thought impossible.


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La Fortuna waterfall, adventure in Costa Rica




The Fortuna River Waterfall is a natural area managed sustainably by Integral Development Association of La Fortuna (ADIFORT), a non-profit organization founded since August 31, 1969, having as its main objective to ensure the well-being and growth of La Fortuna community, through the work execution of road infrastructure, environment, education, promotion of sport and culture, community beautification and strengthening of public safety; projects that are possible to run thanks to funds raised by the visit of each tourist to this natural space.

The Fortuna River waterfall is located in a biological reserve with an area of 210 acres of transition premontane tropical wet forest, part of the Arenal Volcano National Park and is located at 520 meters over the sea level, where there are sources of our mountains and the waters of the Fortuna River. Within this sector is the Cerro de los Perdidos, Placas de Mayo and Cerro Chato, which are based on rocky foundations of great geological value, causing in turn a lush and scenic beauty.

To observe this splendid 70 meters high waterfall, visitors must pass a path of approximately 530 steps, which offers greater security to its passage and comfortable areas for rest and hydration through a forest with native trees of the area. Once in front of the waterfall, you will find a spacious and comfortable vantage point from which you can freeze your memories using unique and previously unpublished photographs, and finally take a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the Fortuna River

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Top 5 best activities in Arenal Volcano


The area around the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, about 80 miles north of San Jose, in the center of the narrow country, La Fortuna is known as the adventure capital of Costa Rica. With a diverse landscape that has an active volcano, forests full of life, and waterfalls.

Access more info. at: www.goadventurepark.com / http://montanatourscr.com/

We select a list of 5 of the best activities in La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano

1- Hike in the Arenal Volcano National Park
Without a doubt you can not miss the visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park, this is the home of the great father of the volcanoes of Costa Rica. With its perfectly formed cone imposes its presence and its energy on all who visit it. Around the park, there are different marked trails that will take you to different areas of the park, including the most recent volcanic lava trails. Our guides will lead you on a hike through the tropical forest around the base of the volcano, where you will be very close to the colossus! It is everything you expect a volcano to be!

2- Hanging bridges
Hanging bridges, a set of raised walkways above the tree canopy, provide a bird’s eye view of the jungle. The walk is not strenuous (maybe with the exception of those who are afraid of heights) and can be done during the day or night. During the walk, you can look over the jungle.

3- Canopy/ Zipline
The Go Adventure Park offers unforgettable fun, you will fly on a zip line through the tropical forest canopy. The nine 9 cables will make you spend a moment with a lot of adrenaline, in addition, you will be able to enjoy the unlimited use of time in thermal mineral water pools, an excellent option to live this area to the fullest.
Each cable line is different and presents a new challenge. In some, it glides slowly along an almost flat line of a platform as it is apt to look for toucans, howler monkeys. Other lines are much more pronounced and fast, which becomes a stimulating walk on the green forest landscape.

4-Water activities: Tubing tour, Rio Fortuna waterfall, and rafting
The tubing tour is a different activity that is carried out on the Arenal river current, you will enjoy an individual activity in class 1 and 2 streams, downstream while having fun floating by the river, you will be able to observe monkeys, a big variety of birds and some mammals.

The Fortuna River falls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Costa Rica, this impressive place is accessible to all explorers, during the visit you can explore the trails that will take you to the crystalline pools where you can swim and enjoy the wonderful view of mother nature.

The rafting is a sport and recreational activity that consists in traversing the bed of rivers in the direction of the current (downstream) with a degree of turbulence, usually on an inflatable raft. The raft will be accompanied by a specialist of the activity who will guide the raft throughout the course, while his team attends paddling. An activity with a lot of adrenaline!

5- Hot Springs / Hot springs
Arenal is also known for its thermal waters. Relaxing in a pool of hot water is not exactly an adventure activity – but it is an unmissable activity that will make you spend a very relaxing time on the slopes of the Arenal Volcano; In addition to having great health benefits, check it out!


Stay in a Eco Resort with amazing volcano views. Book Now with the best price guaranteed.  https://www.montanadefuego.com

Volcanic mud baths


The secret of a forever young skin

Volcanic mud is an element of nature that can give you beauty and health thanks to its almost magical properties. They consist of a mixture of volcanic mud and thermal water resulting from geological processes over many years. Its components are mainly various mineral salts such: sulfur, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iodine, iron, aluminum, zinc. Scientific studies have shown that it’s chemical composition contains high cleansing properties and possess the main mineral salts that help humans to nourish and regenerate their body.

They can be used in body baths, compresses, full body wraps and faces masks.
Among the therapeutic and derma-cosmetological properties of volcanic mud, the following stand out:

• Anti-inflammatory action, soothing and great absorption power.
• Acts as a stimulant of cutaneous formation, not only purifying and healing the skin but also promoting the expulsion of uric acid.
• Encourages cell reproduction.
• Chemically possesses mineral salts and trace elements that the body needs.
• It Powerfully stimulates circulation.
• Acts as tissue restorative.
• Remineralizes and balances the pH.
• This volcanic thermal mud is the only one that can be placed on the eyelids without any reaction.
• It produces an organic hyperactivation.
• Performs a deep polish on the skin.
• It has immediate inflammatory and calming action.
• Acts intensely on skins that have very large pores, as an unbeatable astringent, eliminating excess oil and sealing pores.


• Prevention of skin aging
• Treatment of dry and dehydrated skin
• Restorative of skins exposed to chemotherapy
• Stains
• Flaccidity and Cellulite
• Anti-acne
• Deep cleansing of the skin
• Varicose spills
• Lymphatic drainage
• Hair loss

• Arthrosis and arthritis
•Varicose veins
• Psoriasis and eczema
• Rosaceae

During your stay at Montaña de Fuego Resort & Spa, you can enjoy outdoor volcanic mud baths totally free in our thermal facilities, which will help you obtain beautiful and vital skin. Or you can also perform different professional treatments in our Engadi spa, which will guarantee immediate results.

We recommend you to make several volcanic mud baths in the whole body and let it act for half an hour. This procedure will help to tone and re-activate the enzymatic development of the skin and tissues.


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The incredible 30 benefits of Volcanic mud baths of Montana de Fuego Resort&Spa


” Young skin forever”

The Volcanic mud is an element of nature that can give you beauty and health with its almost magical properties. They consist of a mixture of volcanic mud and thermal water resulting from geological processes over many years. Its components are mainly various mineral salts such as: sulfur, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iodine, iron, aluminum, zinc. Scientific studies have shown that its chemical composition contains high cleaning properties and possess the main mineral salts that help humans to nourish and regenerate their body.

Arenal Volcano facts Costa Rica


The amazing Arenal Volcano. Located in La Fortuna, a unique town in the North plains of Costa Rica, one of the best places in Costa Rica for relaxing and have fun, serves as the principal gateway for visiting  Volcán Arenal National Park, and it’s one of the top destinations for travelers in Costa Rica.

ALL INCLUSIVE Vacations in Costa Rica


All inclusive Costa Rica.

Forget the stress, just relax and enjoy.

When it’s time to escape Costa Rica offers a unique ALL INCLUSIVE experience.  Here we present the pros of traveling all inclusive. You will have all the comforts that you can imagine.


It’s easier: Our an all-inclusive packages gives you all the basics, a room, food and activities on site.

One payment: Advance payment helps keep you on budget.

Charming stay:  Our All-inclusive mountain resort is known for being charming place with many attractions to amuse the guest.

Mineral Pools & Sauna: The pools are designed to relax and enjoy the nature.

Private Pleasures: The rooms are luxurious and have all the amenities you can imagine.

Food and drinks included: Dinner, lunch and  drinks included.

Activities: Our packages have a variety of activities ( Spa or adventure) included

Take a look at these packages that include adventure, relaxation and rest.

All inclusive Green Package

Price: $ 125 I.V per person, per night.

  • Includes:
  • Bungalow Standard or Superior Bungalow.
  • Full board plan : breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • One activity among: Arenal river or volcano slopes horseback ride tour– Selected Spa treatments: reflexology, volcanic clay mask or tired legs massage.

** Add a special alcoholic beverage package for $40 per person, per day.
** Adventure activities subject to official schedule. Spa treatment must be booked 8 hours in advance. Room category subject to availability. No guarantee category

  • axes
  • Full board plan: Breakfast- Lunch – Dinner
  • Couple Massage
  • Lava Hot Springs Entrance
  • Special decoration in room

* Room category subject to availability
Spa treatmets must be booked 8 hours in advance

Arenal Therapeutic

Price: $ 180 i.v.i per person, per night.

  • Includes:
  • Bungalow Standard Room or Superior Bungalow and taxes.
  • Full board plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Arenal Volcano slopes or Arenal River horseback ride tour .
  • Unlimited selected Spa treatments: back massage, foot reflexology, volcanic mud facial mask or tired legs massage.
  • Unlimited Alcoholic beverages consumption from special menu.

* Room category subject to availability
** Activities under official schedule. Spa treatmets must be booked 8 hours in advance.
* Spa treatments may not exceed more than 1 hour.


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