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Stay Safe in Costa Rica


Know our plan to protect guests and staff.

Covid-19 health and safety policies.

Socially distant travel: safe vacations during COVID-19

As noted by various experts, no matter your destination, your risk of infection largely depends on factors such as whether you’ll encounter other people, the intensity of such encounters, and if the location is experiencing high rates of infection.


Some destinations are safer than others. “A first step for travelers to reduce risks is to avoid destinations that have yet to flatten or reduce the Covid-19 curve, as well as to avoid popular tourism attractions where it will be harder to maintain a safe social distance,” says Kwortnik.

limited capacity, which means that the density of guests will be lower.)

oing everything possible to protect the health and safety of their patrons, that responsibility needs to be one shared with guests. “With the coronavirus pandemic still a serious threat, travelers have to take responsibility for their own health and safety, too,” says Kwortnik.

Guests at hotels and resorts tend to come from different locations around the country; some of these individuals may be asymptomatic carriers. This means you’ll want to strictly adhere to all the guidelines outlined both by the property and by public health officials. Earlier this week, as part of its updated Resources for Travelers, the CDC issued a series of practical tips to help consumers assess a hotel’s prevention practices

For example, you will want to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing whenever outside your guest room. To feel more confident, you may want to bring your own disinfecting wipes to make sure high-touch surfaces in your room (like doorknobs, light switches, sink handles and remote controls) are virus-free.

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